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Free software support

Pro-L is a customizable HMI-program for loghouse industry. Pro-L controls any automatic log house cutting- and manufacturing lines and optimizes raw-material use. 

Pro-P is packaging program for Pro-L based production lines.

bvnPack is packaging program for BVN- and BTL-based production lines.

HD2 is HMI-program for Hundegger-lines using "interprocess communication". It controls machinery after Hundegger-line: drills, mortice, splitting. Program increase the capasity of Hundegger 50-100% depending on machinery.

HD4 is same as HD2, but it controls also any number of moving drill units. By taking of time consuming drilllings, program can increase capasity even over 75%.

K2_PPS is grading system for Hundegger-lines. it can measure raw-material using laser-sensor and user can show the fault points of material. When Hundegger is ready take new part length, it can call program to send the next material (with fault points). Hundegger will not use the fault areas of the material.

Pro-C is user interface for sheet metal machinery of Profiilikeskus Oy. Real time reporting of production. Single and multiple machine versions available.  

CLT-BASE is controlling software for CLT-productionlines. Cutting, planing, glueing, pressing and marking are real-time-controlled by this software. Transfer element parts directly from CAD-program (CLT-Cad). Optional support also for robotised part positioning.

Pro-NS is server program, which communicates with Hundegger Cambium sending nested parts (by Pro-L2) directly to Cambium via IPC.

Pro-L2 is like Pro-L, but instead of direct connection to PLC, it  produces nestings including fault areas for Hundegger Cambium.

Communication interfaces

Siemens S7 (OPC Server, Prodave MPI/IE)

Omron (FINS ethernet, FINS serial, Host Link, Cx-server)

Beckhoff (Ethercat)

Database engines

Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL / MariaDB